TV/Radio teaches me how to treat people as inhuman…

My wife suggested that I watch this YouTube video (audio recording) today of Glen Beck on his radio show. Now, I present to you…

“How to treat people as inhuman.”

Total lack of respect for human beings… the mainline view of TV and radio “news network” hosts.

“Argument against the idiots” is the name of his new book… Glen says, “The best book we’ve ever done”

“Idiots like this woman…”

He never once let her finish a sentence. He was constantly patronizing from the moment the phone call began… there was no conversation going on there at all… just disrespect (and the hilarious yet stunning screaming). Then, at the end of the clip he is justifying the disrespect with calling her (and everyone who disagrees with his new book) an idiot… and all you have to do is read his book (which he won’t quote or discuss with this lady) to get the “facts and logic.”


Now, I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of Glen Beck… nor any other opinionated over-the-top TV/radio host… but really… about these TV “news” networks. They promote people like this, and teach Americans that this is how we decide issues… we disrespect and patronize each other, never allowing anyone to actually speak or have an opposing opinion. If they disagree, they are a “pinhead” or “idiot”  …either way, subhuman… and then we from there can treat them any bad way we want. We wonder why entire groups of people then act this way in real life. Both sides do this…. this is not a purely conservative or liberal issue. It is not just the politicians and talking heads… it is the soccer moms and regular church-goers.

I don’t care what your politics are… if at any point they lead you to stop caring for ANY real person… cause you to disrespect another human being… or act as a justification for conducting  yourself in a way that sub-humanizes other people groups… You sir/ma’am have lost your own humanity. Fail.

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