An article for my worship leader friends…

Are churches offering worship to God or to worship leadership? Are our hearts as worship leaders centered on the true purpose of worship? Are we demonstrating that purpose with our own lives?

…a great article addressing these questions… check it out!

Christianity Magazine – “Worship Idol”

I’ll admit that I think this article is a bit harsh at times on worship leaders. It is easy to question the motives and “heart” of worship leaders because they are on stage, or get paid… but often the average church community member does not get to know the person before making such judgments.

My only major feedback would be that you get to know the person before you start offering your criticisms. Just because someone plays electric guitar with intensity does not mean that they want to be a famous rock star. True Christian relationships mean that you have an intimate community… and only in that kind of close-knit love can you offer genuine criticisms that edify instead of tear-down. Worship leaders are just people on a journey like anyone else.

One thought on “An article for my worship leader friends…

  1. Peter Rienstra says:

    Life is purpose and our purpose is to Glorify our God and savior
    with all we do , think , and say .This week the world was able to witness the happy ending of a miracle when 33 miners were in tombed in a mine 2000 ft. below the ground in. Chile. This happened because the people have a strong belief in God . First, they chose God as their help and chose one man to be a leader.Love and faith were expressed openly and people who received talents from God became experts and expressed love to their neighbors and with Gods help they made and used the tools that effectively saved their lives on October 12th This is a people of Chile will always remember and should be a lesson for all Christians.

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