Eight pointed star…

I recently had a church member ask me if the ear plugs (3/4″ for you piercing aficionados) that I wear were pentagrams… as they are a star inside a circle. I found this an interesting question, as it is loaded with implication… mostly down the road that pentagrams, or five pointed stars, are the representation of evil.

Let’s unpack that very briefly…

The meaning of multi-point stars have changed and been adopted/re-adopted over the years by many religions and sects. It is an interesting study. However, five (5) pointed stars have been predominantly a Christian symbol until the last 100 years or so. Modern fundamentalists would view the pentagram as evil, although, only when used upside down would the meaning actually ever be considered counter to Christian teachings (with the “top point” symbolizing Spirit at the bottom instead of the top, thus subverted). Here is an interesting article on pentagrams and their meanings:


But… alas, my ear plugs are not pentagrams. They are eight (8) pointed stars. I think they have a very profound meaning… see for yourself here:


So, the lesson I would hope we can all learn from this is that most symbols have much deeper meanings than those we have been taught to automatically assume. Symbols litter our churches, logos, and even our choices of body piercings and tattoos… and litter they will stay until we dig deeper to explore the rich artistic and tradition-laden meaning behind these simple relics.

…and thus ends our lesson of the day. Blessings to you all!