“National” Day of Prayer… why not just “nation-wide”?

My response is to this recent article in the Washington Post by Jim Daly:
Although I agree with this article, and see no constitutional problem whatsoever with the government putting a date on a calendar for some religious practice (day of prayer, Easter, etc) without supporting it financially, I still don’t see what the “big deal” is.

Christians in the US seem to get really uppity when our imperialist government makes decisions that … aren’t “christian friendly.” I ask, however, what about the teachings of Jesus support supporting an imperialist government such as the USA? Our government has been far from following the attitude and teachings of Jesus for a long long time. Who cares if they add a day of prayer to the national calendar?

Part of the freedoms we enjoy in the US involve being able to do things independent of the government. IE… we can hold a national day of prayer without a judge’s stamp of approval. Hell, hold an international day of prayer while you’re at it. They can’t stop you from doing that (and aren’t threatening to)… all they’re withholding here is adding the event to the official government Outlook calendar.

I guess what I’m saying is that we need to ask ourselves why this government approval is so important? Is our Christian beliefs in America so intertwined with our patriotism that we can’t see them separated without our belief systems breaking down?