Be the church you wish to see in the world – Hobby Lobby/SCOTUS Edition

How you can “Be the Church you wish to see in the world” today:

Hobby Lobby employees, and the employees of any other “religious” corporation, who are most poor and vulnerable will not be able to simply “switch jobs” or “take their work elsewhere” without significant (prohibitive if not outright economically destructive) consequences to themselves and their families. People already making minimal wages may not be able to leave their seniority and benefits behind just out of good intentions and a sense of justice. They will suffer. Here is an idea… be the church for those people.

— Start an initiative in your church to become job replacement finders.Seek out local employers who are willing to match or exceed the benefits and pay of HL, plus affirm women, and other oppressed groups. Pass out fliers at your local HL saying that you’ll help them get equal or better work in the same area. Help those who desire a change. Make sure they have whatever they need to succeed — transportation, money for new uniforms, childcare, etc. Be the church.

— Get together a fund to pay for the contraceptives and services that businesses like HL no longer offer. Pass our fliers or get the word out that your church is willing to pay for these services confidentially and without question to any employee of a “religious” corporation. Seek the knowledge of healthcare professionals and lawyers regarding how to maintain ethics, dignity, and confidentiality (HIPAA, etc).

— Speak out from the pulpit and from the newsletter and from social media with unabashed support for the dignity and humanity of all persons with an eye toward righting wrongs that our society perpetrates against women and others oppressed groups *in our name*. After all, in a democracy we are *all* responsible when someone is oppressed under the laws of the land. If you think that this a suggestion to take “politics into the church where they don’t belong” consider The Psalms are full of people crying out for justice and right relationship to be done in the face of oppression.

Or, come up with your own idea. Get to it.