Zach Oaster is an advisor and consultant with nearly two decades of experience serving churches and non-profit organizations in Michigan. Zach is skilled at social media, community organizing, social justice advocacy, contemporary rock church worship music, technology, and young adult culture. Zach brings energy and a forward voice to the emerging edge of leadership.

the bandWith an eye toward community and a commitment to understanding the needs of those he serves, Zach delivers actionable and thought provoking feedback that will propel your efforts ahead.

As a social scientist, Zach seeks to see the world through the perspectives of all different types of people. Zach encourages organizations to grow at the unique intersections of our differences, building connections that are lasting and deeply rooted in relationship.

As a United Methodist leader and 15 year veteran of full-time church ministry Zach learned the UMC’s connectional system with an intense intimacy. He understands denominational and organizational politics and navigates them with ease. While no longer a professing member of the UMC, Zach has served on more than five boards, both national and local, and is certified in non-profit board leadership through the Johnson Center at Grand Valley State University.

In the technology arena, Zach manages a growing number of social media pages for various non-profits and causes and is an expert at social media organizing. Combined with his skills in the areas of graphic design and dynamic media, he is able to quickly bring feedback and experience — or from-scratch creation — to your online presence. Zach’s experience as an audio/video professional has long served churches in the Michigan area. He has provided ideas, planning resources, installation help, and upgrade advice to churches of all sizes and traditions. Since Zach is not a “dealer” and does not sell any products or brands directly, you can be assured that his advice is based in sound research and the desire to find your church or organization the best bang for your buck.

hands across the cityZach is a dynamic speaker and musician. Zach has been on-staff at seven churches as music director and has played over 100 concerts and conferences — often in the company of his spouse Lindsay who is also a musician and orator. Zach is especially comfortable engaging in conversations with leadership groups over issues of social justice, church vision, and engagement of art and media in the worship experience.

Church and non-profit consulting rates start at $35/hr. plus travel expenses. Music or event leadership is quoted on a case by case basis.

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