Music performance has been a professional skill and a passion for Zach and Lindsay Oaster for over a decade. The musical experiences that they craft are diverse and exceptional — at times intimate duo sets that explore the roots of folk simplicity, at other times full-on rock shows that soar to ethereal highs.
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Their repertoire is as diverse as their style.

Zach and Lindsay MusicContemporary rock church music was Zach’s full-time job from 2001 – 2014. Needless to say, Zach and Lindsay can create transformative worship music performances with the quality that many have come to expect from the contemporary and emergence church movements. Zach intentionally selects church music that focuses on themes of social justice, reconciliation, community, universal grace, and neighborliness. Read more about Zach and Lindsay’s theological philosophy here. Consider the ways in which Zach and Lindsay might offer such an experience for your community. Contact Zach to discuss the possibilities.

That said, the Oasters have a deep appreciation for the roots of rock and folk music and relish in performing cover sets that wade deep into this rich catalog. Zach is an accomplished frontman, formerly at the center of one of Hamilton, Ontario’s leading classic and modern rock cover bands. Lindsay spent many years honing the craft of Irish fiddle playing, and is one of the finest complementary multi-instrumental musicians — piano, violin, mandolin, vocals, and more — that you’ll find. Together, at times with friends, they perform sets that play with the line between classic folk rock and indie pop. Contact Zach to explore your gig ideas.

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